6.91 Seconds

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3 min readJan 24, 2020

6.91 seconds. It’s how long it takes for a woman to consider a profile when she isn’t intensely interested. It only takes 3.19 seconds when she is. So, we have our timetable — you have between 3 and 7 seconds to get her to swipe right on you (research linked below). Let’s talk about how to make that happen.

Obviously, photos are crazy important, but I’ve talked about photos a million times in other blogs. I could repeat myself here for your convenience, but I’m more lazy than I am kind. I’m just barely nice enough to link them here, here, and here. Yo welcome ;)

Let’s just focus on your bio. Everyone knows that in this swipe culture, photos will always beat out bios. However, a good bio can help seal the deal or be the deciding factor when she’s unsure about you. This mythical unicorn hits the mark with both length and content, and you’re in luck, cause I’m friggin Katniss Everdeen.

Length: Your bio should be short and sweet. She’s spending 7 seconds of her life on your profile, at least half of which will be on your photos. She isn’t going to read a dissertation on your life. She doesn’t care about your favourite colour or the kind of pizza you like (the number of profiles I’ve seen that make a joke about pineapple pizza would make your balls suck back up into your body). This is a resume and your goal is a first date. Spend 3–5 short, separate sentences charming the hell out of her with just enough information to intrigue her, but not so much that she has all the information she needs to hack into your bank account. She doesn’t need to know your mom’s middle name, or about poor, long dead, Muffins. RIP Muffins.

Content: Our goal is to express your interests as broadly as possible. Don’t get too specific. We’re trying to attract various types of girls. For example, if you mention that you love horror movies and she doesn’t like them, she’ll swipe left — but mentioning that you love going to premiers is something that most people would enjoy. Show off various parts of your personality and hobbies instead of focusing on just one. Mention an active hobby, something homey, something cultural, something social, etc… She only knows what you tell her, and spending three sentences talking about the video games that you like and one sentence talking about tacos isn’t really going to paint the most attractive picture.

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Source for data ;)


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