Part 3: Lick it Now, Lick it Good, Give her Foreplay Just Like You Should

Advice by Chloe
4 min readFeb 29, 2020

So she invites you over to her place, or wants to go to yours. Nice, man! Whether you invited her over for a drink, to watch a movie, or pet your hamster, it’s likely that she said yes because she wants to spend time alone with you. Don’t allow the flirty banter to turn into awkward silence before you kiss her! Make your move, you’ve got this!

Before we get into specifics, let’s talk about erogenous zones. Obviously, the breasts, clit, and vagina are pretty major ones. Let’s go over the lesser known ones though.

  • Lips- kiss her, try nibbling or sucking on her lip
  • Scalp- run your hands through her hair when you’re kissing her
  • Ears- Lots of women will respond well to a little oral attention to their ear lobes.
  • Neck- Touches, kisses, and tongue on the nape of her neck will likely send chills down her spine and directly to her clit.
  • Inner thighs- once you’re below the waist, try teasing her a bit by giving her inner thighs little kisses, licks, and gentle bites. If her back arches, you’re on point

There are tons more: fingertips, tummy, lower back, inner wrists, knees, butt, etc… Every woman is different and will respond uniquely to stimulation. These erogenous zones are a pretty safe bet with most women, but learn to read her body. Her reactions to your touch should be the only guidebook you need.

If you guys are kissing and she begins to touch your body it’s an indication that you can explore hers as well. Your goal should be to make sure that both of you are comfortable and having a great time. I’m going to try super hard not to make this pornographic, but let’s talk about the basics. Foreplay is all about preparing your bodies for sex. You’re exploring each other and trying to turn each other on. Don’t focus on yourself, allow her to focus on your pleasure. Instead, prioritize hers. Yeah, foreplay feels really good- but you should be concentrating on touching her in a way that it feels good to her. Pay attention to how she reacts to your touch. Experiment with her erogenous zones. We want to see her back arching, hear sounds of her pleasure, and feel her hands desperately trying to get closer to you. Ultimately, we want her horny AF and her pussy wet enough for a slip-and-slide adventure. If you want to rock her world, eating her pussy will get you the Stanley Cup. There are actually a lot of good instructional videos about eating pussy on Pornhub. It can be a bit of an art form, and if you learn how to do it well she will worship your paintbrush in a way you’ve never experienced.

I’m going to end with a public service announcement about tits. The number of horror stories women tell each other about dudes who grab tits like coked up kids in a candy store would blow your mind. Please, for the love of God, DON’T LATCH ONTO HER TITS AND SET UP CAMP. You like tits, I like tits, everyone likes tits- but please please please hear me when I say: If you go straight for the tits and stay there, your inexperience will be incredibly obvious. Instead, show her that you’re interested in her, by exploring her body with your hands and mouth. Start off with hair, her neck, her back, trace your fingertips down her sides, and pay attention to how she’s responding to you. If she’s relaxed, you can keep going. If she stiffens up, slow down. If she remains tense for more than a few seconds, stop. When you touch her breasts, don’t grab them and start yanking. Dude, they’re not udders. Instead, you can cup them from underneath and use your thumbs to stimulate her nipples. Lots of women like it a little rough, but don’t assume. Every woman has different preferences and different levels of sensitivity. Start off gentle and increase your intensity based on her response.

Have fun, get lost in each other. Don’t panic or get stuck in your own head. I promise you that it isn’t as scary or as complicated as it seems. Once you have the basics down don’t be afraid to get creative. Foreplay should be fun! It isn’t just a precursor to sex, it feels really fucking good. Enjoy it, and enjoy each other.

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