The 5 Most Common Mistakes Guys Make in Photos — Dating Advice by Chloe

Advice by Chloe
3 min readOct 17, 2019

I’ve worked with over 900 guys on their dating profiles, and one thing is always consistent: bad photos. I’ve had appointments with clients who already have a pretty great bio, guys who are already pretty good at creating chemistry, guys who are very attractive- but they all had at least a few bad photos. I’ve worked with 6 well-known figures with verified Instagram accounts… their photos sucked too. The problem is that most guys don’t understand what appeals to/repels women.

There are way too many issues to go over in one blog-post, but let’s talk about the 5 I see most often.

  1. Don’t focus on taking adventurous or exciting photos unless you look damn good doing it. She doesn’t care how exciting you are if she’s not interested in having sex with you. If you were looking at a girl’s photos and it looked like she led a super exciting, adventurous life but you weren’t attracted to her, would you swipe right? Probably not.
  2. Don’t take sweaty action shots — we know you smell bad. Want to take a hiking photo? Cool. Do it pre-sweat. Want to take a photo of you running a marathon. playing soccer, or rock climbing? Awesome — but for the love of all that is holy please do it PRE-SWEAT. She doesn’t care how active you are unless she’s attracted to you — and if you look slimy, sweat stained, or your hair is dripping wet, she will probably be grossed out.
  3. Don’t stare blankly into the camera. If you’re staring into the camera, you must smile or smirk or have some kind of friendly or sexy expression on your face. If you stare expressionlessly into the camera you’re going to look like a serial killer, and shockingly enough, that isn’t a super effective way to get a girl off the internet to meet you in person. Your photos should show some personality — you need to look friendly and approachable.
  4. Don’t gratuitously show-off. Don’t take a photo next to your fancy new car. Most girls don’t really care about cars — but they will care if you seem like a self-absorbed asshole. Don’t take photos where you’re clearly flexing, or working out in the gym, or with a celebrity, or on a yacht, or anything else that is clearly intended to show off. If you are showing off your wealth in your profile, I, as a viewer, assume that you are trying to buy me… and I’m not interested in being bought. If you’re ripped AF and want to show it off, then do it in a less obvious way. Take photos of you with friends at the beach, or playing a sport (PRE-SWEAT), or having a lake-side cookout. If it doesn’t make sense that you’re shirtless, you’ll look like a jerk. No one wants to go on a date with a dude who talks about himself for two hours at dinner, pushes her head onto his dick while making out, finishes without making her orgasm, and then doesn’t text her again until next Friday at 3am… and this is how you will come off if you take photos next to your Lamborghini or flexing at the gym.
  5. Don’t wear unflattering clothing (and please make sure your clothes match). Do you have nice arms? Don’t wear a hoodie — wear a short-sleeved shirt that’s nice and snug against your arms. Are you overweight? Don’t be tempted to wear clothes a size too big to hide your belly. It doesn’t hide your belly, it just makes you look heavier. Don’t wear shorts that go past your knees, you’ll lose height. Don’t wear clothes that are stained, have holes, or that you bought at a gas station. You don’t have to get dressed up, but show her that you care about what you put on your body.

There are so many issues that I see in photos on the daily, but hopefully this will get you started in the right direction — and you can always hit me up if you’d like to check out my services or make an appointment to overhaul your profile and we can work on your photos one-on-one.



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