The Zero Percent Success Rate of the Dick Pic — Dating Advice by Chloe

Advice by Chloe
3 min readNov 21, 2019

Wanna know what girls really hate? Like really, really, really hate? When dudes make it sexual right off the bat. Even if we’re on dating apps specifically to get laid, we still hate it when guys make it sexual immediately. It isn’t because women hate sex, it isn’t because we’re delicate flowers that are easily offended, it’s because we probably aren’t going to get to cum. Would you have a one-night stand if it meant you’re probably going to go home sweaty, sticky, and sexually frustrated? Yeah, probably not.

Even girls who are DTF will pick a guy who wants to fuck her, not the guy who wants to fuck anyone. A girl gets a crap ton of messages and based on her location, she can probably order sex on a dating app as easily as she could order a pizza. Read this next sentence very carefully: your willingness to be sexual in your messages will not convince her to be sexual in hers. Your willingness to show your genitals will not convince her to show hers. You need to be more than willing, you need to be intriguing.

I’m going to try really hard to keep this from turning into Sex Ed, but let’s go over the basics. When a dude has sex, he’s probably going to cum. I know it doesn’t always happen… but it usually does. When a girl has sex, there is no such guarantee… because our bodies work a little bit differently. So look at it from the girl’s perspective, if your choice in sex partner had a direct impact on whether or not sex felt good, wouldn’t you be a little more picky? We choose partners that we think are going to show us a good time. Guess who’s probably not going to show us a good time: the dude spamming every match he gets with dicks pics and sexual messages.

So, next time you’re on a dating app and feeling frisky, approach it from the perspective of a girl. Talk to her like a person (she is one), have a little banter, do a little flirting, and make her feel special. Your messages are the beginning of foreplay. You’re not allowed to skip it! Most girls like sex, a lot, we just want to have it with someone who’s going to make us feel good. The best way for you to show her that you’re a gratifying option is to be engaging and multidimensional. If you’d like help learning how to engage with matches, create chemistry, and have an awesome date, you can check out my services or go ahead and make an appointment.



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Advice by Chloe

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